Our made to measure service put to the test – a bespoke sliding shower door with a difference!

Part of the whole customer experience delivered by Showerpower is our made to measure service. Many of our customers come to us having seen a bespoke shower enclosure or shower screen which they then wish to replicate in their own home.

Just recently we had such an enquiry which is illustrated below.

A gentleman who had been working abroad emailed us about a customised sliding shower door he had encountered in a property he had been working in and wanted to know if we could do the same for him. The sliding part of the shower door was hidden above a false ceiling so all that could be seen was the sliding glass door of the shower enclosure. The added complication to our brief was the property in which he wanted the bespoke sliding shower door to be installed was in a 19th century warehouse, a 2000 square foot modern apartment conversion in East London, the design of which was rare by building standards.

We responded explaining we could indeed provide him with a made to measure sliding shower door and sent a sample image of the product with a step-by-step guide on the installation process. We highlighted some interesting features of the bespoke sliding shower door which included a concealed track, a door made of low iron 12mm toughened glass, which measured 2.7 meters in height and had no exterior handle. At the same time we sent an approximate indication of cost.

As with all our enquiries, at Showerpower we endeavour to provide as much information as possible in the early stages of the discussion with a customer so they have all the information to hand helping them make the decision, whether they are proceeding with the project themselves or  working with an architect or builder.

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