The advantages of three-sided shower enclosures


Most shower enclosures are fitted either into an alcove or a corner of the bathroom and so only one or two shower screens are needed. However, with some bath or shower rooms, a 3-sided shower enclosure is the best option, due to the position of other bathroom furniture, a window or door openings … or simply because a three-sided shower enclosure will look more impressive!

In this case, Showerpower’s experience in the design, manufacture and fitting of bespoke shower and spa enclosures gives you a real advantage. We will discuss the various door options available to you, for example: whether you want your door along the front of the shower enclosure, or prefer to use the ends for an entrance. And whether an, inward or outward, sliding or folding opening is best for the space. Whatever you choose, we will ensure there is space for the shower enclosure door to open without hitting other bathroom furniture or someone using the basin.

If you would like an inward opening door to your three-sided shower enclosure, it is also important to make sure there is enough space for you to close the door behind you once you’re in the showering area and also that the shower enclosure door will clear the shower head!

When we manufacture a 3 sided shower enclosure for you, it doesn’t matter whether you have a shower tray or wet room floor, our custom made frameless glass shower cubicle will fit your space perfectly.

You can find out more about one of our bespoke three-sided shower enclosure projects here> – a demanding brief undertaken against the clock!

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