Why frameless shower enclosures are easier to clean

frameless shower enclosure

Investing in a frameless shower enclosure or screen makes sense in more ways than one.

Compared with a traditional style of framed enclosure, many people feel a frameless shower looks better with less or no metal frames.

There is another advantage to frameless screens. The lack of metal-work makes it harder for un-hygienic dirt, grime and limescale to collect and built up because there are fewer surfaces for them to cling to.

In addition, all Showerpower totally frameless showers are fitted with push fit water seals that can be removed for cleaning and re-fitting, or replacement if needed. Likewise, it is possible to replace hinges or brackets if desired. You can find out more about them here.

One way to prolong to beautiful look and condition of your frameless enclosure, is to coat the glass surface with an anti-lime-scale treatment to make it even harder for deposits to form. This application is available from Showerpower. The coating forms an invisible, smooth shield and allows water  to run off quickly and freely washing away dirt and residue as it goes.

Because water sheets off the coated glass, washing away unwanted dirt, grime and soap scum as it goes, it’s more hygienic with less bacteria. Which means there’s less need for chemical cleaning products – so it’s better for the environment too!

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