Moroccan style walk in shower

Frameless enclosure for a Moroccan-style walk-in shower in Worthing, West Sussex

Inspired by a holiday in Morocco, our client had created a Mediterranean-style walk in shower for the main bathroom in their home in Worthing, West Sussex. Decorated with bold, spice colours and featuring a large statement overhead rainfall shower, they had beautifully captured the simple, open style and vibrant exotic mood of a Moroccan riad.

However, even though they had built a partial wall, and installed a ceiling mounted showerhead to minimise splashing, they found that water was still escaping from the shower area and soaking the bathroom.

They approached Showerpower for ideas and explained that they wanted to contain the water yet maintain the Moroccan look and feeling of light and openness.

Our team designed the perfect solution. We custom made a frameless glass shower screen from Optiwhite™ glass. This has lower iron content than standard glass and gives a totally transparent finish without the slightly green tint you see with regular glass. We then enhanced the waterproof design by using our ultra clear silicon sealant for a seamless finish. The whole project from measuring to manufacturing and installation took less than two weeks, with minimal disruption for the client.

The result? A barely-there, bespoke frameless shower enclosure, a clean, dry bathroom floor and relaxed,happy clients.

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