Our Service

Step by step to the perfect bespoke frameless shower door, enclosure, bath or shower screen for your individual space

Every Showerpower™ project is managed from start to finish by our own highly experienced staff, who ensure streamlining of work, accuracy of fit and quality of finish to create precisely the right glass enclosure for your space.

Whether you are a home owner, builder, interior designer or architect, we will discuss your requirements and initial thoughts on design. However challenging the area – including obstacles to be cut around or awkward spaces with uneven or sloping roofs – our design, planning and installation expertise means we can create an enclosure with the right visual impact and proportions for the area available.


The very best in contemporary concepts and methods, a total dedication to quality, the most up to date components and accessories … all these Showerpower™ elements combine to create pure perfection in glass.

Your new made to measure shower enclosure, door, bath or shower screen begins when you provide us with a brief for your project. This should ideally include the approximate dimensions of your shower space and any special requirements that should be taken into account. This will enable us to select the correct products that best suit your installation situation, lifestyle and budget. We will usually give a number of options for your consideration.

When the style and configuration of your shower screen has been agreed, we will arrange for a full on-site survey to be carried out. It is important that someone with responsibility to authorise any changes that may be necessary to the initial specification is present. Our survey will include assessing site access and transportation of glass into the target area, wall construction and levels of floor and wall. We will also discuss choice of glass, hardware and component options.

Using our specialist shower enclosure design software, a 3D CAD (computer aided design) visual of your finished frameless shower or bath enclosure is produced for your approval. Crucially this shows the layout of your screen, helping you to see how its proportions will look. Once we have received client approval, your custom-made screen will go into production.

As well as working with retail customers we also work with many house builders and refurbishers/renovators. We are accustomed to reading and interpreting the detail and technical complexities of architects’ designs. We will always suggest the most suitable bespoke shower or bath screen for your project. Of course, if your requirement is non-standard, we are in our element. We service numerous high-end builders whose clients’ requirements can be very specific indeed. With our access to a wide variety of components and years of frameless shower enclosure installation and manufacturing experience we can make your clients’ specific ideas and designs come to life. Giving you another unique Showerpower benefit to offer your clients.


Once contacted and an initial estimate accepted, we arrange a detailed site survey. With measurements taken, a precise CAD drawing is agreed and glass ordered. The glass is carefully checked to ensure it meets our rigorous quality control standards. A date is then set for installation of the frameless glass shower screen or enclosure by our experienced team who will see that the installation is to the high quality standards set by Showerpower™.

On projects involving multiple showers we will organise our team to combine our survey and installation visits wherever possible, minimising the cost to you.

We fully understand the importance of working to deadlines and communicate regularly with our customers to keep them fully up to date.

Some shower and bath screen manufacturers have lengthy lead-in times for their bespoke options, 4-6 weeks in many cases and, if coming from abroad, up to 12 weeks! As the installation of the made to measure frameless glass screen or enclosure is often one of the last elements of a building project to be completed, this long lead-in time can clearly cause issues with the client’s deadline.

At Showerpower™ we offer a two week lead in time as the materials for our tailor-made shower and bath screens are UK sourced and the size of our company means we can be flexible when necessary. We fully appreciate the importance of meeting clients’ deadlines and have a bank of tried and tested, experienced labour to call upon when needed.

Installation of Bespoke Frameless Shower Enclosures and Doors

Traditionally the installation of shower enclosures or bath screens has always been something that falls either to the plumber or the carpenter on a construction site.

However, with our heavy fully frameless shower enclosures this job has become far more specialist as there are absolutely no metal channels to allow for fitting adjustment. With frameless shower and bath enclosures becoming larger and heavier, simply handling the glass and getting it into place is a skill in itself and the enclosures must be measured 100% accurately and fit the space perfectly. Measuring for enclosures with 2 or 3 sides and, particularly, angled corners can pose a problem for a non-specialist and can cost thousands in costly re-makes and time if things go wrong.

All Showerpower™ bespoke frameless shower and bath enclosure installation is undertaken by our specialist and highly experienced installation team. They carry out a full site survey, measuring and also templating when necessary. This ultra-specific measuring process completely eliminates the risks often associated with ordering made to measure products. Our installation service comes with guarantees of a perfect fit and is backed up with our promise to deal promptly with any rare aftercare issues.

This level of skill and attention to detail means our trade customers can confidently hand the whole responsibility for the working and fitting of the bath or shower enclosure to us, knowing that however challenging the job, it will be completed on time and on budget for their client. And of course, in the rare event of any issue post fitting, we are on hand to step in quickly and remedy it.

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