3-sided shower with frameless glass on half walls

One of our clients in West Sussex was planning to build a completely bespoke, corner shower enclosure. His 3-sided shower design featured a pentagonal shower base and two cubicle style half walls with frameless glass panels and a frameless glass door.

This pentagon shower layout, also known as a neo-angle shower, is an elegant space-saving alternative to the standard corner shower with two glass panels. Instead, the neo-angle shower design has three glass panels (one being the glass door) enclosing the two-pre-existing walls, which gives the bathroom more walk-around space.

Before going ahead with the construction of his neo-angle shower, our client contacted Showerpower™ for advice. He wanted to know exactly how to finish the half walls so they would accept the made-to-measure, frameless glass enclosure he wanted. This type of enclosure is not a straightforward application, as the hinges need to be connected to different surfaces. The top hinge connects glass to glass, while the bottom hinge connects glass to wall.

Success hinges on precision and proper hardware

Our solution was to have the two fixed frameless glass side panels cut with a chamfered and polished edge. This allowed for hinges of the same style, but with different applications, to be used on the shower enclosure. Crafted for strength and longevity, our hinges come in a choice of designs and finishes including squared-off and rounded shapes.

Our meticulous measuring process is vital for 3-sided pentagon showers. Thick frameless glass is heavy and there is no flexibility when the fitting takes place, so extra care must be taken when the initial measuring is done.

Bringing clients’ ideas beautifully to life

Showerpower’s expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke frameless glass panels and doors for any shower layout, combined with our high quality hardware, achieved the luxurious, designer look our client envisaged.

Get expert advice on your bespoke shower design

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