A 2-sided ensuite loft shower in an angled loft space

The client, a homeowner in Guildford, asked whether we could make and fit an ensuite 2-sided shower in a new loft conversion. Not only did this mean cutting the glass to fit into an angled space under the roof, but the sloping ceiling was uneven, so the glass shower screen would have to fit the irregular space exactly.

A builder by trade, he knew the difficulties involved in measuring up for an ensuites shower under the roof in a loft conversion and didn’t want to risk attempting the job himself. Fortunately, a contractor he knew recommended Showerpower because they had experienced our service themselves and were delighted with the finished result. We were able to reassure the client that we specialise in showers for loft conversions – and in fact all types of challenging or uneven spaces – and that he could rely on us to get it right.

As is usual with Showerpower, we began with a visit to the property and a detailed site survey – this included an assessment of the practicalities involved with accessing the loft conversion and getting the glass panels safely up there.

We then built a shower door specification to suit the client’s requirements – in this case a 2-panelled shower enclosure (the shower was in a corner of the loft conversion with tiled walls on the other sides) consisting of a fixed panel with a glass hinged door attached to it and a cut away corner, closing onto a reduced height return panel.

We used our Showerpower-recommended 8mm clear, safety-toughened glass for the 2-sided shower enclosure, with polished chrome hinges and glass/wall clamps for a fully frameless shower.

Anti-limescale coating was applied to the glass (an option available for all Showerpower glass shower and bath enclosures) to help the shower panels look cleaner for longer.

The Showerpower team were then able to install the shower doors and complete the project within two weeks. The client was delighted with the look and finish of his elegant new loft conversion shower, which makes excellent use of an awkward and irregular space.

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