Designing a Small Bathroom: Tips and Tricks

Working with a small space can be difficult when designing your dream bathroom but Showerpower is here to help! In this blog, we’ll be giving you some top tips to make your small space seem larger.

Lose the bath, or fit an over-the-bath shower

One of the most obvious ways to increase the space you have to work with is to get rid of your bath and replace this with a shower. Although baths are useful for families, they are a luxury and if you want to create space, this can be an immediate fix. Walk-in showers help really open up a bathroom. As well as being accessible they can create a wet room style look with a large glass partition, for that modern aesthetic. Also, another option is if you have a separate shower. Or try merging these and have a shower over the bath. 

Add mirrors where you can

Everyone knows that mirrors make rooms look bigger. Adding these to the bathroom is not only great for adding more light. But they also make your room look bigger and are a practical must in most bathrooms. To see more about Showerpower’s bespoke mirrors click here.

Use storage wisely

There are lots of options for storage in bathrooms. Under the sink and mirror storage is the most obvious, but you can be creative and use your space to its full potential. Adding baskets, shelves and hanging storage is a popular way to gain more storage in what can be a small bathroom without adding too much furniture. 

Use glass where you can

Using glass in your shower or bath-screen design can really help a space feel bigger. Using glass instead of a shower curtain allows you to open up the room, it allows for natural light to stream through to your shower area and makes a small bathroom seem bigger. For more inspiration see our bespoke shower enclosures here.

Choose the right colours

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, choosing the right paint, tiles, flooring or splashback can have an effect on how you visually see the size of your space. Picking lighter colours for paint generally creates more light through reflection, making your space look bigger, more so than darker colours. This means the same for flooring, tiling and splashback, the less cluttered or busy the better. If you want to create the appearance of a bigger bathroom, less is more. 

Use a bespoke designer to get the most out of your space

Here at Showerpower, we work with unusual spaces all the time, that’s why our knowledge of what works and what won’t is unparalleled. We often work in small spaces, such as loft conversions and we can measure the diameters so you can have a bespoke shower enclosure, bath screen, steam enclosure, walk-in enclosure or shower doors that work for your specific space, maximising what space you do have. 

Add lights

Adding the right lighting can also help make your bathroom appear bigger. Using light around mirrors works very well, as reflecting materials bounce light and can make rooms appear bigger. Be creative and have fun, lighting in the bathroom can create all sorts of moods as well as being practical. 

For more advice to get the most out of your space contact Showerpower today.