How to keep warm in your bathroom!

At the end of last year, we saw temperatures drop to lows of  –17.3°C in Aberdeen, Scotland. The first two weeks of December were the coldest start to meteorological winter since 2010! With colder weather to come, Showerpower finds out what you can do to help keep yourself warm in your bathroom this season.

Firstly, consider your heating solutions in your bathroom. Could your radiators do with an upgrade? Over time, radiators like every appliance become less efficient and depending on various factors, could be replaced every 15 years. You might want to consider under-the-floor heating or a heated towel rail. For larger bathrooms, you could hang column radiators which are known to help heat larger rooms with high ceilings. 

If you cannot afford to re-evaluate your heating solutions, why not simply drain your bathroom radiators? Bleeding your radiators helps release air that has become trapped within your heating system. Letting this air out will help you heat your home more and reduce your energy bills! This should be done every 5-6 years depending on your heating system and is a good way to make sure you’re getting the best out of your heating system. 

Ever been in the shower and you want to open the window for ventilation, but you hesitate because it’s so cold outside? Ventilation is important in every bathroom not only does it limit condensation but it also helps prevent the appearance of mould and mildew. If you find yourself not reaching for the window, we advise you to install an extractor fan. These are an inexpensive way to keep your bathroom warmer, but also make sure you are gaining important airflow. 


Replacing a shower head is not only another great way to keep yourself warmer in your bathroom. It also helps you save money on your water bill and could also improve water pressure. Shower heads tend to build up calcium, especially in Sussex. A new shower head can improve the amount of water that reaches your body. Optionally you could clean an old shower head and see an improvement. Opting for a larger shower head or a newer model may cover more body surface when you are in the shower and keep you warmer for longer. 

Another way to keep you warm in your bathroom is bath mats or rugs. There is nothing worse than stepping out of a warm bath or shower onto a cold bathroom floor and rugs or bath mats are a cheap and fashionable way to add colour and warmth to any room. 

Finally, a way of making a room appear warmer is through interior design choices. Warm lighting can help create a mood in your bathroom as well as plants, wall colour and choice of art. 

For more advice on how to keep your bathroom warm this winter, contact Showerpower today.