How to measure for a 3 sided shower enclosure

The most important thing to remember when measuring for any 3 sided shower screen or shower enclosure is that the tiling and grouting should be complete and the installation of shower tray or wet room floor should be finished!

You may be measuring for a standard 1000 x 800 3 sided shower enclosure, other standard sized 3 sided screens such as 760 or 900 square, or you may have asked us to create a bespoke 3 sided shower enclosure for you. Whatever the finished size, following this procedure will ensure the best possible fit.

  • Measure the distance from the back wall to the front edge of your shower tray.  Repeat this step for the other side.
  • Measure the width of the shower tray.
  • Be sure to measure to the outside edge of your shower tray – almost all 3-sided shower screens will be positioned between 10 to 25mm in from the tray edge to accommodate any threshold bar in front of door or wall channel to the fixed panels and the company supplying your 3-sided enclosure will make these deductions for you.
  • Check for level of the shower tray/floor – most discrepancies can be overcome by either having the glass shaped to suit or by using clear packers under the panels to achieve the correct level.
  • Check for level of walls – again, most discrepancies can be overcome by using glass cut to the shape of wall or by using compensating wall profiles.
  • Measure for overall height of the three sided shower enclosure – measure from the top of tray to the height you want your screen to reach.

With bespoke models, you can chose the height you want – you may wish for the glass to match a grout line or be in line with an adjacent door architrave.

With standard products the choice is a little more limited, with 3 sided shower enclosures typically starting at 1850 high through to 2 metres in height. Anything over these heights would normally be classified as bespoke.

You should now be ready to order your 3 sided shower screen.

For peace of mind, you could appoint a specialist company to carry out the work for you. Showerpower can survey, supply and install for you – it’s worth considering if your are wanting a minimal frameless shower fitted and guaranteed by experts for a perfect fit.

For advice in selecting the right style of 3 sided shower enclosure, phone Showerpower on 01403 829020