Fitting a Made to Measure Frameless Shower Enclosure
or Walk-in Shower Screen

Choosing Showerpower to survey, manufacture and install your made to measure frameless shower enclosure means you have already taken the first step to a perfect finished project because you can be sure that every step will be meticulously managed and checked. As the leading supplier of bespoke frameless shower enclosures in Sussex/Surrey and beyond, we aim for total satisfaction.

The first steps are arguably the most important. You or your plumber install your made to measure shower tray or walk-in shower floor and the waterproof wall covering before we measure for your glass panel. This is because, if floor is unlevel or the walls out of true, a rectangular piece of glass will not fit accurately and will require a great deal of sealant to cover any a gaps between glass and wall or floor. We can then obtain measurements that are accurate to +/- 1mm. The beauty of frameless glass is the ability to shape the edges to take into account uneven surfaces, something that might not be achievable with a framed style of screen.

Once the glass panel area has been measured these are the steps we undertake to ensure your finished job is elegant, accurate and totally professional.

  • We ensure your work area is clear. It usually takes several people to help with the lifting and positioning of the glass panel, so we make sure they all have room to move!
  • Toughened safety glass is between four to six times stronger than normal glass. However, it can still be broken especially if it impacts hard surfaces on its edges or corners, so we keep the packing on the glass as long as possible and use some protection on the floor. We try to avoid moving the glass as far as possible.
  • We check the levels of wall and shower tray/floor – if the screen has been made ‘out of square’ there will be a top and bottom to the glass so it needs to be the right way up!
  • We establish where the wall fittings for your bespoke walk-in shower enclosure or shower screen will be located and put masking tape at these points, leaving it in place to protect your tiles until we have finished drilling.
  • We then drill your fixing hole and insert a wall plug and a little silicone to stop any water getting into the hole, using a suitable sealant. We don’t use regular sanitary silicone on natural stone as it reacts and causes staining.
  • We secure some plastic setting blocks onto the tray and wall at 90 degrees to the line of where the glass will sit, ensuring the glass does not sit directly onto the floor.
  • We carefully unpack the glass for your bespoke frameless shower enclosure, making sure it is not placed on to unprotected floor.
  • Next we fit the wall brackets to the made to measure frameless shower enclosure panel, using glass suckers and as many people as required, lifting the glass into position and onto the plastic setting blocks, whilst ensuring it does not impact on any hard surfaces along the way.
  • Then we screw the brackets to the wall, checking the level of the panel and adjusting as necessary. When we are happy with the position and level of the glass we tighten all wall fixings and glass clamps.
  • If your bespoke walk-in frameless shower requires any bracing or support bars, we fit them now and check again the levels of the panel, then make any adjustments needed before going around again to make sure all the fixings and screws are tight.
  • Using a craft knife, we trim away any of the setting blocks that may be visible, before sealing the panel to the walls and tray using a suitable sanitary sealant.
  • Finally we clean the glass and area leaving it showroom ready.

You will now have a fabulous walk-in shower enclosure that will enhance the look of your bathroom and may have even added value to your property … supplied and guaranteed by the leading bespoke frameless shower enclosure company in Surrey/Sussex and the only UK supplier to manufacture the screens in their own, local workshops.