Why do bespoke frameless shower enclosures cost more?

As you can imagine, this is a question we are asked from time to time!

The short answer is that a totally frameless glass shower enclosure has to be measured and cut to the shape of your walls and floor because it’s made specifically for your space. It won’t fit perfectly in another bathroom or shower room, which is what we mean by ‘bespoke’. With a bespoke frameless shower enclosures there aren’t any others exactly the same anywhere and, because each piece is a one-off, there aren’t the economies of scale to drive the price down as with mass produced or off-the shelf alternatives.

Clients also sometimes ask ‘So why is there a difference in price between your company and another?’

The first thing to look at is the details of the quote – is it really a like for like quotation? There are companies offering supposedly ‘frameless’ shower enclosures for possibly less than we would have quoted. However, the chances are that there is metalwork in there somewhere. Metal profiles on the walls, for example, or a base channel on the floor. This is what we call ‘semi–frameless’.

Using channels allows some degree of fitting tolerance so the glass does not necessarily have to be measured quite so accurately or the edge detail polished in the same way as a totally frameless option. A glazing channel is also cheaper than the wall bracket system used with truly frameless shower enclosures because there is more glass preparation work involved with the bracket system.

Semi-frameless shower enclosures often feature magnetic sealing profiles because the hinges used are likely to be the ‘free-swinging’ type that require something to keep the door closed in the shower area. Frameless versions typically use a high-quality hinge with a strong self-closing mechanism and just a minimal seal fitted to the adjacent panel or closing post, to keep the clean lines and luxury feel you would expect from a truly bespoke product.

It is worth adding at this point that while many of our competitors import their shower screens from the Far East (resulting in longer lead times), our bespoke frameless shower enclosures are made at our own workshops on the Surrey and Sussex borders and fitted by our own highly experienced teams.

But looking beyond the quality of the materials, fixtures and fittings used for Showerpower frameless shower enclosures, we are known for our skill and attention to detail, from the initial survey through the professional installation and the care provided afterwards: all factors which can add to the cost but which are decisive when it comes to the effect of the finished project.

In other words, when it comes to truly frameless shower enclosures, sometimes it is worth paying that bit extra for what you want and need.

Showerpower is based in Surrey/Sussex and creates elegant and stunning frameless shower enclosures for homeowners, developers, architects and building professionals throughout Surrey, the Home Counties and beyond. We are accustomed to the exceptionally high standards set by our clients and a unique insight into the Surrey and Sussex property and interior design market in particular. If you are considering a frameless shower enclosure, or frameless bath screen, spa or wetroom screen, why not contact us now for a discussion of your requirements?