A 3-sided shower, with half walls and frameless glass, offers best of both worlds


A 3-sided corner shower with a pentagonal base gives you more floor space in your bathroom and is easy to access. It’s a versatile design for any setting, from a timeless traditional look to an ultra-modern style.

When these kind of 3-sided enclosures feature half walls they have many benefits. They can:

  • Provide more privacy compared to an all-glass enclosure
  • Showcase decorative tiling
  • Add extra functionality eg for hanging towels or storing toiletries
  • Create wall space for a bench seat in the shower
  • Build a separation between different areas of the bathroom

A tiled half wall with an attached glass wall above gives you more internal shower space and lets in more light than a full height tiled wall. By varying the height of the wall you can change the degree of enclosure and amount of light.

For more inspiration see our case study of a half wall shower for a client in West Sussex.

Bespoke, frameless glass for 3-sided showers with half walls

Custom-made frameless glass is the best solution for bespoke showers with half walls. This is because the glass can be cut to fit the space with 100% accuracy in a way that is not possible with a metal frame.

Showerpower are the UK’s leading specialists at creating stunning frameless glass panels and doors for bespoke shower enclosures in all kinds of challenging spaces, even under a sloping ceiling. If you are planning to design and build a shower enclosure with a partial wall and frameless glass please send us your ideas so we can advise you on how to achieve the best results.

Get expert advice on your frameless glass 3-sided shower design

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