Loft showers: specialist glass doors for period properties

Owners of older properties in Surrey and Sussex are creating luxury loft shower rooms with exposed beams and custom-made glass doors. Packed with character, rustic, country-style shower rooms featuring natural wooden beams and pure glass are still very much in vogue. As you can see here, the owners of a cottage in Hascombe, Surrey have blended period features with modern…

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Ten inspiring shower room ideas

So, you’re thinking of installing a new shower room? Every home is different and choosing the right shower enclosure to suit both the space and your needs can be challenging. The good news is that it’s possible to position a stunning glass enclosure almost anywhere. At Showerpower we have created beautiful frameless glass shower enclosures in alcoves, attics, basements, under…

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bespoke glass

Why interior designers choose bespoke glass for bath and shower rooms

Bathrooms were traditionally supplied through the plumbing trade; but now more people are turning to professional interior designers to help them create the bathroom of their dreams. One that meets all your lifestyle needs within the confines of your available space and budget. A truly beautiful bespoke bathroom surrounds you with luxury, from streamlined glass to gleaming marble. It’s the…

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Sloped ceiling bespoke shower enclosures for loft conversions

Loft bathrooms and showers are becoming increasingly desirable and for good reason: they add extra convenience, style and value to any home. The only problem is that standard shower enclosures don’t fit the unusual and restricted spaces like attics with slanted roofs and low ceilings. That’s why homeowners are increasingly turning to Showerpower, the UK’s leading specialist frameless shower company,…

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How to squeeze in a separate corner shower enclosure with frameless glass

The newest trend among homeowners, especially in Surrey, Sussex and the London area, is to replace their outdated bath and shower combination with a separate bath tub and corner shower enclosure with frameless glass. Until now, most bathrooms usually feature a combined bath and shower. This is practical and offers you the option of taking either a bath or a…

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Bathroom trend: patterned tiles with minimalist frameless shower screen

Owners of period properties in the South East of England are looking to combine a heritage feel with modern luxury. This desire is fuelling the growing trend for patterned tiles, especially in bathrooms and shower rooms. When combined with custom-made frameless glass panels, the result is one of distinctive style and practicality. Wall power This return to patterned tiles is…

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A 3-sided shower, with half walls and frameless glass, offers best of both worlds

A 3-sided corner shower with a pentagonal base gives you more floor space in your bathroom and is easy to access. It’s a versatile design for any setting, from a timeless traditional look to an ultra-modern style. When these kind of 3-sided enclosures feature half walls they have many benefits. They can: Provide more privacy compared to an all-glass enclosure…

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Space-savvy ideas for luxury bathrooms with a separate shower

Do you prefer a relaxing soak or an invigorating shower? More and more homeowners are saying yes to both. We are noticing that especially in prime properties people are looking for the flexibility of having a separate bathtub and shower area available to them in the same room. This demand also reflects the growing Japanese-style bathing trend of showering to…

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Moroccan style walk in shower

2017 trend: walk in showers … and the frameless shower screens that complete the look

Walk in showers are space enhancing, easy to clean and maintain and give a bathroom a cool, high-end minimalist look. But there can be drawbacks to consider. With an open-plan shower you can have the problem of water escaping; and some people are put off by the lack of privacy and the fact that it can feel draughty, especially in…

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Bespoke walk in frameless shower screen

Trending: loft shower rooms

Whether you are planning a luxury spa or ensuite shower room in your loft conversion, Showerpower™ can ensure you achieve the stunning, frameless look that adds value to your property. Tailor-made Lofts and attics are often challenging spaces with sloping ceilings and tricky nooks and crannies. The solution is to have a shower enclosure that is tailor-made to perfectly fit…

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