Loft showers: specialist glass doors for period properties

Owners of older properties in Surrey and Sussex are creating luxury loft shower rooms with exposed beams and custom-made glass doors.

Packed with character, rustic, country-style shower rooms featuring natural wooden beams and pure glass are still very much in vogue.

As you can see here, the owners of a cottage in Hascombe, Surrey have blended period features with modern luxury to stunning effect. They chose the made-to-measure frameless glass service from the specialists at Showerpower, who can cleverly work with the natural architecture and challenges of attics found in older properties.

Check out our 7 top reasons to add a shower to your loft conversion.

Custom-made glass shower units for heritage and listed properties

Features such as wonky walls, sloping ceilings and exposed wooden beams don’t need to be an obstacle. With Showerpower’s specialist made-to-measure frameless glass service (read more here) you can have a bespoke glass shower enclosure that fits your space and the style of your property perfectly.

Get a beautiful glass shower unit custom-made for your period property.

At Showerpower we understand the technical demands for heritage building and have a particular expertise in producing frameless glass shower cubicles for loft conversions in period properties in Surrey, Sussex and across the south east of England.

For more advice or information, please call us at Showerpower today on 01403 829020 or contact us by email.

Ten inspiring shower room ideas

So, you’re thinking of installing a new shower room? Every home is different and choosing the right shower enclosure to suit both the space and your needs can be challenging. The good news is that it’s possible to position a stunning glass enclosure almost anywhere.

At Showerpower we have created beautiful frameless glass shower enclosures in alcoves, attics, basements, under stairs and corridors, even a space that was previously a cupboard.

So, whether you are considering a spa-style wet room big enough to party in or just want to fit a separate shower into your bathroom, read our guide to help you decide.

Where to place your shower room?

You’ll need to consider what available space you have and the kind of enclosure you’d like. Look at the layout of the space to see which walls you could use to form the basis of your enclosure. Don’t restrict your thinking. You could possibly move a door, window or wall to create room for a shower. It’s worth noting that shower pipes are easier to install into a stud wall rather than a brick wall. You’ll also need to meet all UK building regulations.

1. Shower with a sloping roof

A loft conversion shower adds extra convenience and value to a home. Read our 7 reasons why you should install a shower in your loft. Don’t be put off by slanted ceilings or irregular surfaces. With frameless glass, you can have a shower enclosure custom-made to fit under any sloping roof.

2. Shower in the bathroom

If you’ve got a generously-sized bathroom, then accommodating a separate bathtub and shower unit will give you the most flexibility. Consider every possible configuration for your bathtub, toilet, basin and shower. It’s amazing what you can squeeze in, especially if the shower enclosure is made from frameless glass, as it can be cut to fit the space.

3. En-suite shower

An en-suite shower room attached to a bedroom is a highly sought-after feature adding value to a home and providing extra privacy and convenience. The minimum space required for an en-suite consisting of a shower cubicle, basin and toilet is approximately 0.8m x 1.8m; and even this tiny area can look amazing with a frameless glass enclosure.

4. Shower in an alcove

Alcoves and recesses can be ideal spots for a shower. Depending on the size and shape of the space, and you have three walls close together, you may only need a single, made-to-measure frameless glass door across the front to complete the enclosure.

5. Shower in a corner

A corner shower utilises two walls and is an effective space-saving design. The traditional shape of a corner shower unit is square, but if this takes up too much floor space, curved or pentagonal or neo-angle enclosures don’t protrude as far into the room. A pentagon enclosure resembles a square with one corner cut off.

6. Shower on one wall

With just one flat wall you could build a three-sided frameless glass enclosure which could create an impressive focal point. The door options for a three-sided enclosure include a hinged front or side opening, a pivot door or a folding or sliding door. Read about one of our three-sided shower enclosure projects here>

7. Walk-in shower

A walk-in shower is a design for open-plan bathrooms and offers a luxurious showering experience. Many people are even replacing the bath tub to create this type of spacious shower room. Walk-in showers are easy to clean and maintain, and give a bathroom a high-end minimalist look. No door and a low shower tray aids accessibility for those with restricted mobility.

8. Wet room

This is a sealed bathroom which requires careful planning. The walls and floors are “tanked” to stop any water from seeping out. The room normally requires a sloping floor leading down to a drain, so excess water flows away. A wet room is potentially the costliest shower option as the whole room needs to be completely watertight. No nooks and crannies makes it easy to clean, and no shower tray makes access easy. Consider having a glass screen to protect towels or robes from getting wet.

9. Wet room with a bathtub inside

Creating one wet room for bathing and showering is becoming increasingly popular. This configuration has a spa-like feel and look, and can take up less space than having separate tub and showering areas. It’s also a family-friendly arrangement as the children can take splashy baths without water going all over the floor. The vanity area can be kept dry with the addition of a frameless glass shower screen.

10. Steam shower room

Steam rooms are the hottest trend for homeowners wanting to create a therapeutic spa experience at home. They require a specialist glass enclosure because steam gets hotter and permeates more easily than water does.

Creative glass enclosures for your stunning new shower room

We specialise in custom-making glass shower enclosures for homeowners in Sussex, Surrey, London and across the south east of England. Our designers can create frameless glass doors and screens for any layout, whether the shower space is tall, narrow, triangular or curved.

Contact us now for bespoke shower room advice

We would be delighted to advise you. So please get in touch. You can contact us online or call us on 01403 829020.

Dream steam rooms created with bespoke frameless glass

Steam rooms are the hottest trend for homeowners wanting to create a luxury spa experience at home.

Steam has many therapeutic benefits including easing muscle tension, improving circulation, deep skin cleansing and generally improving your well-being.

However, it is important to remember that a steam room or steam shower requires a specialist glass enclosure. This is because steam gets hotter and permeates more easily than water does. If too much steam escapes, you will not only waste water and electricity maintaining the temperature, you also won’t benefit as much from the benefits of the steam.

For full steam containment and effectiveness, the enclosure must precisely manufactured and fitted to be totally steam-tight.

Bespoke glass for successful steam rooms

Safety toughened glass is the ideal enclosure for a steam shower room. This is because bespoke glass:

  • Is highly resistant to water, moisture and temperature variants with negligible heat loss
  • Can be custom-made to fit any size or shaped space, without any framework spoiling the view
  • Allows light to shine through and maximises the feeling of space
  • Offers endless design finishes such as etching or frosting for privacy or decoration
  • Is easy to clean and maintain.

Bespoke glass transoms

When we are asked to design, manufacture and install frameless glass steam shower enclosures, clients often ask whether a transom is necessary or not.

Steam rooms need to be perfectly sealed and watertight from floor to ceiling so the steam can accumulate. However, ventilation is vital in a steam room. So, it is a good idea to have an operable transom above the door of the glass enclosure.

The transom will act like a vent and can be opened to release hot steam or kept tightly closed to keep the steam in. This will allow you to control the temperature and humidity without needing to open the whole door. The moveable overhead glass transom also allows ventilation to the area when the steam room is not in use. This enables the space to dry quickly, preventing mould and mildew forming.

Full steam ahead

It is vital to use a specialist glass company for your steam room. At Showerpower, we are often hired to design, manufacture and install bespoke, frameless glass doors, enclosures and cubicles for steam rooms and steam showers. You can find out more about our made-to-measure glass enclosure process here.

If you would like more information about Showerpower’s bespoke glass steam room enclosure service please email us at or call 01403 829020.

Why interior designers choose bespoke glass for bath and shower rooms

Bathrooms were traditionally supplied through the plumbing trade; but now more people are turning to professional interior designers to help them create the bathroom of their dreams. One that meets all your lifestyle needs within the confines of your available space and budget.

A truly beautiful bespoke bathroom surrounds you with luxury, from streamlined glass to gleaming marble. It’s the ultimate spa-like indulgence, but requires impeccable planning and skill to achieve.

Frameless glass lets your imagination run free

Interior designers, architects and bathroom planners choose Showerpower’s bespoke glass service for bathrooms so they won’t have to compromise on their innovative ideas. Whether it is a glass shower enclosure, panel, partition or bath screen; our frameless glass can be created and installed to accomplish any unique design vision, however unusual or challenging the space.

Frameless glass with peace of mind for your bathroom project

We work with a highly-discerning client base who require the flexibility of our bespoke glass service, as well as the excellent support and unrivalled technical expertise we provide.

Showerpower can offer you invaluable guidance throughout the whole process of planning and fitting out a bathroom, shower room or wet room. With made to measure frameless glass we can bring any design to life and ensure your bathroom project happens on time and on budget.

You can see more examples of our custom-made glass bathroom and shower projects here and for more information please email us at or call 01403 829020.

Sloped ceiling bespoke shower enclosures for loft conversions

Loft bathrooms and showers are becoming increasingly desirable and for good reason: they add extra convenience, style and value to any home. The only problem is that standard shower enclosures don’t fit the unusual and restricted spaces like attics with slanted roofs and low ceilings. That’s why homeowners are increasingly turning to Showerpower, the UK’s leading specialist frameless shower company, for their bespoke loft bathroom expertise.

Made to measure frameless glass enclosures for sloping ceilings

Showerpower’s bespoke glass service overcomes the challenges of unusual and irregular spaces in lofts and rooms with an angled or pitched ceiling. This is because Showerpower’s glass technicians can precisely cut and contour the glass to follow the line of the ceiling and fit any angle.

Achieve your loft shower dream with Showerpower

YOuYou You could have an extra bedroom with an en-suite, or even transform the whole of your attic space into a luxurious spa bathroom.

Check out our 7 top reasons to add a shower enclosure to your loft conversion.

Showerpower will custom-make a beautiful frameless glass shower enclosure to meet your precise requirements, whether you want a beautiful curved floor to ceiling glass enclosure or an elegant en-suite in an angled loft space.

Whatever the size or shape of the shower area, Showerpower can produce made to measure glass panels and doors of any height, width or slant – even curved. The end result will be a stunning shower that maximises the space in your loft conversion and is individually designed to suit your style and the room.

Talk to the experts at Showerpower about your plans for a loft shower

A challenging situation needn’t stop you having the bespoke, frameless shower you want. At Showerpower we specialise in creating stunning bath, shower, wet room and spa enclosures even where there are uneven walls, restricted spaces or in heritage properties. We are based in Sussex and work in Surrey, the home counties and throughout Greater London and would be delighted to advise you on installing a bespoke frameless glass shower enclosure, bath, wet room or spa enclosure in your loft conversion. Please contact us online or call 01403 829020.

How to squeeze in a separate corner shower enclosure with frameless glass

The newest trend among homeowners, especially in Surrey, Sussex and the London area, is to replace their outdated bath and shower combination with a separate bath tub and corner shower enclosure with frameless glass.

Until now, most bathrooms usually feature a combined bath and shower. This is practical and offers you the option of taking either a bath or a shower in the same space. However, while it can be ideal for families with young children, it can pose difficulties for older people or those with mobility problems.

When you are redesigning a bathroom, it is important to think carefully about your potential future needs as well as your current requirements. If you can accommodate both a separate frameless glass shower enclosure and bathtub it will be a worthwhile long-term investment.

How to fit a frameless glass shower into your bathroom

First think about every possible configuration for your bathtub, toilet, basin and shower. It’s surprising how much you can actually squeeze in, especially if you fit a shower with a bespoke frameless glass design. Frameless glass can be cut to fit any size or shape and will maximise the light and make the shower enclosure less visible.

Anywhere, any shape, any size

You can position a shower enclosure or screen almost anywhere, as long as your plumbing allows it. We recently designed and installed a frameless glass shower enclosure for in an area of a bathroom which was previously a cupboard for a homeowner in Surrey.

Don’t restrict your thinking

To create extra space you could consider moving a wall or a window. Or it might be something as small as changing the way a door hangs that might have the most impact. Underfloor heating could free up more space too.

Fit a shower under a sloping ceiling

With a custom-made frameless glass, it’s possible to fit a shower enclosure under a sloping roof. This is because the glass can be cut to fit the space perfectly in a way that would be impossible with a metal frame shower.

Make use of corners and recesses

If you’re thinking of siting a shower cubicle or enclosure in an odd-shaped alcove or tight corner, there won’t be a ready-made option to fit these different situations. That’s why you need a bespoke service from a frameless glass specialist like Showerpower. We measure and cut the glass to accurately fit the shape of your walls and floor. For more details click here >

Don’t be square

The traditional shape for a shower enclosure is usually square, but a pentagonal, triangular or slim rectangular design could be the perfect solution using custom-made frameles glass. This photo shows a space-saving frameless glass pentagon enclosure. It resembles a square with one corner cut off. Losing one of the corners of your shower won’t make much difference to how your shower feels when you’re standing inside; but it will save valuable floor space.

Add more style, practicality and value to your property

Showerpower is the UK’s foremost frameless glass specialists; producing and installing bespoke panels and doors for showers in all kinds of challenging layouts. You can learn more about our made-to-measure frameless shower screen service here.

Request bespoke shower advice

We would be delighted to advise you on designing and installing a made to measure, frameless glass shower enclosure. You can read more about our bespoke service here.  Or why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements? You can contact us online or phone us on 01403 829020.



Bathroom trend: patterned tiles with minimalist frameless shower screen

Owners of period properties in the South East of England are looking to combine a heritage feel with modern luxury. This desire is fuelling the growing trend for patterned tiles, especially in bathrooms and shower rooms. When combined with custom-made frameless glass panels, the result is one of distinctive style and practicality.

Wall power

This return to patterned tiles is more in keeping in a period property than a clinical white and chrome scheme. Patchwork, floral and geometric bathroom tile designs with a nostalgic character add a period quality to the room and create a unique finish that makes a striking statement.

From Moorish to Vintage, and everything in between, patterned tiles are an excellent way to add colour and visual interest to an otherwise simple bathroom scheme. They are particularly effective for a period property, as is the growing preference for using natural materials like pure glass and wood.

Individuality, heritage and craftsmanship are once again being favoured over mass-produced designs.

High quality bespoke frameless glass bath and shower screens are ideal for older properties, which often have uneven or irregular walls, as they can be designed, manufactured and installed to ensure a perfect fit. The unobtrusive, barely-there look bespoke frameless lets the beauty of the decorative tiles to shine through and maximises the space and natural light of the room.

Frameless glass for beautiful, period-style properties

At Showerpower, we are often asked to create bespoke, frameless shower doors and enclosures for historic, listed or period properties, as we have exceptional expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing in a room, which has out-of-true walls and floors. This is part of the charm of an older residence but requires skilled technicians when it comes to bathroom design. Learn more about Showerpower’s meticulous made-to-measure frameless shower screens and doors here

Frameless glass shower enclosures to suit your style of property

If your period property has low, sloping ceilings or uneven walls and surfaces, our precision, made to measure frameless shower enclosure service could be the answer. You can see more examples of our custom-made glass projects here and for more information please email us at or call 01403 829020.

A 3-sided shower, with half walls and frameless glass, offers best of both worlds

A 3-sided corner shower with a pentagonal base gives you more floor space in your bathroom and is easy to access. It’s a versatile design for any setting, from a timeless traditional look to an ultra-modern style.

When these kind of 3-sided enclosures feature half walls they have many benefits. They can:

  • Provide more privacy compared to an all-glass enclosure
  • Showcase decorative tiling
  • Add extra functionality eg for hanging towels or storing toiletries
  • Create wall space for a bench seat in the shower
  • Build a separation between different areas of the bathroom

A tiled half wall with an attached glass wall above gives you more internal shower space and lets in more light than a full height tiled wall. By varying the height of the wall you can change the degree of enclosure and amount of light.

For more inspiration see our case study of a half wall shower for a client in West Sussex.

Bespoke, frameless glass for 3-sided showers with half walls

Custom-made frameless glass is the best solution for bespoke showers with half walls. This is because the glass can be cut to fit the space with 100% accuracy in a way that is not possible with a metal frame.

Showerpower are the UK’s leading specialists at creating stunning frameless glass panels and doors for bespoke shower enclosures in all kinds of challenging spaces, even under a sloping ceiling. If you are planning to design and build a shower enclosure with a partial wall and frameless glass please send us your ideas so we can advise you on how to achieve the best results.

Get expert advice on your frameless glass 3-sided shower design

We will be happy to advise you on the best glass and fixture solutions for your shower or bathroom project. Please contact us or call 01403 829020 to discuss your requirements.

Space-savvy ideas for luxury bathrooms with a separate shower

Do you prefer a relaxing soak or an invigorating shower? More and more homeowners are saying yes to both. We are noticing that especially in prime properties people are looking for the flexibility of having a separate bathtub and shower area available to them in the same room.

This demand also reflects the growing Japanese-style bathing trend of showering to clean your body first, then stepping into the bathtub straight afterwards to relax and unwind.

Creative bathroom layouts

In the UK bathrooms can be small, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have the bathroom features you’ve always dreamed of. Showerpower’s specialist design expertise and made to measure glass shower or bath screens make it possible to incorporate a bathtub and separate shower in all kinds of spaces.

One creative space-saving solution is to use a bespoke interior glass wall to accommodate two bathroom features, such as a tub, shower or vanity unit.

As you can see in this example the glass panel of the walk-in shower forms the back wall of the bath. This clever configuration gives the room a spa-like look and feel. It also makes better use of the floor space and adds privacy to the shower without losing the frameless, open, modern style.

Quality materials along with accurate measurement and fitting are the key to success, and Showerpower frameless glass designs are made to measure from 10mm or 8mm toughened safety glass.

Want to install a bath and shower in your bathroom?

Then contact us by email or call us on 01403 829020. At Showerpower we specialise in creating stunning bespoke frameless glass enclosures and screens for bathrooms in Surrey, Sussex and across the south east of England. Find out more here.


2017 trend: walk in showers … and the frameless shower screens that complete the look

Walk in showers are space enhancing, easy to clean and maintain and give a bathroom a cool, high-end minimalist look. But there can be drawbacks to consider. With an open-plan shower you can have the problem of water escaping; and some people are put off by the lack of privacy and the fact that it can feel draughty, especially in winter.

The benefits of a bespoke, space-saving frameless glass shower screen

These disadvantages can easily be overcome with an Optiwhite™ glass frameless shower screen, made to measure to fit seamlessly. This tough but barely there clear glass for your shower will contain the water spray to keep the rest of your bathroom dry. It will also give you all the light and indulgent feel of a walk in shower, without feeling too exposed or chilly. For more inspiration see our case study of a Moroccan-style walk-in shower in Loxwood in West Sussex.

If you are planning a luxurious, frameless, walk-in shower, Showerpower™ can ensure you achieve the ultimate in both style and practicality.

Custom-made frameless glass panels for walk-in showers and wet rooms

Showerpower are the UK’s leading experts at creating stunning glass designs for walk-in showers and wet rooms. Our designers understand how to maximise the feeling of light and space in any layout and our glass screens are installed by our own, highly experienced teams. Find out more here.

Planning a walk in shower?

If you are ready to explore glass options for your new walk in shower, call us on 01403 829020 or contact us by email today. We specialise in bespoke frameless glass screens for showers and bathrooms in London, Surrey, Sussex and across the south east of England.


Moroccan style walk in shower