Corner shower enclosure under a sloping ceiling

A family from Cranleigh, Surrey came to Showerpower as they were planning to renovate their old bathroom and hoped to be able to incorporate a separate frameless glass shower unit.

In a family bathroom having both a bath tub and a separate glass shower enclosure is the best way to meet everyone’s needs. It allows you to have a quick refreshing shower whenever you like, while also having a spacious tub for bathing the children.

Clever use of space for a frameless glass shower

Our clients weren’t sure if they could fit in both a bath tub and a frameless glass shower into the bathroom area. However, they had the idea of using the space that housed a cupboard. Would it be possible to squeeze in a shower enclosure in such a restricted area with a sloping ceiling?

The answer was yes, thanks to Showerpower’s design and technical expertise. We created a completely bespoke shower enclosure with a 3-sided corner layout and pentagonal shower base with frameless glass panels and a frameless glass door.

This pentagon shower, also known as a neo-angle shower, is a fantastic space-saving alternative to a standard corner shower. You can read another case study here.

Precise measuring is extremely important for a 3-sided pentagon shower enclosure such as this, especially when it has the added challenge of a sloping ceiling. Thick frameless glass is heavy and there won’t be any flexibility when the fitting takes place. That’s why it’s vital to choose an expert bespoke service from a frameless glass specialist. We measure and cut to fit the shape of the walls and floor with 100% accuracy. For more information on fitting click here >

Frameless glass to fit any shower space

Showerpower’s experience in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke frameless glass panels and doors for any shower layout allowed us to achieve the result our clients hoped for.

Get expert advice on your bespoke frameless glass shower design

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