Frameless glass for bespoke steam shower room

Showerpower recently helped to make a Hampshire couple’s steam shower room ideas a reality with custom-made glass and specialist expertise.

Our client, a retired engineer, had spent many years building a home where he and his wife could enjoy their retirement. He had designed and constructed two luxurious steam shower areas featuring made to measure Corian shower trays with matching wall cladding. All that remained for him to do was find a company to supply and install the steam-tight glass enclosures he envisaged.

He knew this would require a specialist glass company with the relevant technically-skilled team who could work closely with him to achieve the exact result he wanted. That’s why he chose to hire Showerpower.

Specialist glass expertise for steam rooms

Glass steam room enclosures are often sizeable and can present complex condensation and ventilation challenges. Our specialists can advise you on the best combination of layout, configuration, products and finishes to ensure complete success.

One of the finished enclosures shown here, features a bespoke glass door, one fixed glass panel and an operable transom above the door.

Venting steam shower rooms with glass transoms

Steam rooms must have a perfectly sealed, floor-to-ceiling airtight construction to allow the steam to accumulate. However, ventilation is key in a steam room. So instead of bringing the door all the way to the ceiling, it is advisable to incorporate an operable transom above the door of the glass enclosure.

The glass transom acts like a vent and can be tilted open to release hot steam or kept tightly closed to keep the steam in.

The moveable overhead glass transom also allows ventilation to the area when the steam room is not in use. This enables the space to dry quickly, avoiding the build-up of mould or mildew.

Are you planning a steam shower room?

At Showerpower we understand the specialist technical requirements for steam rooms where a watertight fit is paramount. Learn more about Showerpower’s meticulous made-to-measure frameless shower screens here.

If you would like to explore the glass options for your enclosure and door, please call us on 01403 829020 or contact us by email today. We specialise in bespoke frameless glass for showers, bathrooms, steam rooms and wet rooms in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and across the South East of England.