Creating an accessible shower

Creating an accessible shower is an important step in making your home more accommodating for yourself or any family member who has mobility issues. An accessible shower can provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience for those with limited mobility, allowing them to bathe independently and with dignity. Here are some tips on how to create an accessible shower in your home. 

Choose the right shower

When selecting a shower for an accessible bathroom, look for one that is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. Showers over the bath are not always easy to access so you may need to consider installing a stand alone shower. It should also have a low threshold so that it is easy to enter and exit. ShowerPower can work with you to create a bespoke shower screen that suits all your needs, but that still looks stylish. 

Add safety features

To make the shower even more accessible, consider adding safety features such as grab bars, a shower seat or a handheld showerhead. These features can help those with limited mobility to bathe safely and comfortably. A non-slip mat would also be a great addition, non-slip mats with suckers remain in place and can help reduce the risk of future injuries. 

Install a shower screen

Installing a shower screen helps keep the bathroom dry and free from water splashes that come from washing in a shower. Our Shower screens are more hygienic than a shower curtain and easier to clean. 

Increase the size of the doorway leading to the bathroom

If you need to create enough space to allow access for a wheelchair, you may have to consider widening your door frame. This is not an easy job and should be completed by a carpenter or builder but is something to consider doing if you need wheelchair access in to a bathroom.