Over the bath shower

An over-the-bath shower is simply a shower that hangs over your bath. Great for small bathrooms, family bathrooms, perfect for everyone that loves a bath as much as they love a shower this dual design is a real winner! But why choose an over-the-bath shower? Here at Showerpower, we’ll take you through some of our favourite reasons to own an over-the-bath shower!

Different shape baths 

Firstly, they are great for space saving. If you have a small bathroom and are unable to own a stand-alone bath or shower, showers over the bath use the same footprint as a normal bath, without the need for a stand-alone shower, so it really is a great dual design for the home. Today there is a wide variety of different-shaped baths, including straight-shaped baths, L-shaped, P-shaped and Freestanding shower baths which can all range in size or be bespoke sizes to fit your size bathroom or any requirements you may have. 

Easy to clean

Another reason to own a shower bath is that there are fewer surfaces to maintain and clean in your bathroom. Simply by having less in your bathroom you will save time cleaning and will have more room for other items such as bathroom storage or washing basket etc. 


If you are considering having a family soon or already have one, the importance of a bath cannot be stressed enough. Trying to reach every nook and cranny of a child’s body can be difficult in a shower, but in a bath, you can get to those hard-to-reach areas much easier. Baths are also a great way to convince children to wash, seen more as ‘playtime’ in water, you can use toys, bubble bath or other accessories to make even a reluctant child want to bathe. With a shower over the bath, you also have the option of using a combination of bath and shower depending on your child’s preference.  


The benefits of a bath have been proven time and time again. Baths can help elevate your mood, help you sleep better, relieve muscle pain, keep your heart healthy, burn calories, make you feel better when you have a cold or the flu, soothe irritated skin and more!! So keeping a bath within your home is a no-brainer! So if you are undecided consider the many benefits of a bath. 

Shower screens

Another great reason to own a shower bath is shower screens. Here at ShowerPower, this is something of a speciality for us. We can create single bath panel screens, two-panel bath screens and special layout bath screens all with your overall bathroom design in mind. Shower bath screens can help limit splashing, create the look of a spacious bathroom, are easy to clean and maintain (compared to shower curtains) and are hard-wearing. 

For more information on our bespoke shower screens or to ask for more advice on over-the-shower baths and your bathroom design, speak with Showerpower today.