Gold Plated Shower Design

Pentagon Shower Enclosure

Our customers often want designs for shower enclosures to match other fittings in their bathroom. This customer’s gold plated shower design included gold door and cupboard handles. They required their shower enclosure to fit in with the rest of the bathroom. They also wanted a sleek, elegant design to fit into this small space. 

Interior Design

The customer employed the services of Julia at York House Designs in Twickenham to design the interior of the bathroom. This was to ensure they had a good fit for all appliances. York House Designs had a small space to work with and had to find ways to utilise the space as best as possible. The shower enclosure fits into a small alcove with a nib wall. This required the enclosure to be minimal and clear to make the bathroom appear as spacious as possible. 

The enclosure is an odd shape in a small space, this provides optimum use of the space. The pentagon shape is more effective in this limited area. Frameless designs provide a feeling of more space in a small room. Rather than including a handle on the door a small hole is created. This also ensures there are fewer accessories and once again provide the feel of more space and organisation.

Creation of the enclosure 

Showerpower take the design created by York House Designs and create the shower enclosure to fit into the space. We work with the measurements and applications provided to ensure we create an elegant enclosure to the required specifications and standards. 

This particular design included the gold-plated accessories, Showerpower doesn’t usually create gold plated fittings. These accessories are specially gold plated to ensure the design adheres to the required set specifications. 

Premium glass is used in the design to provide an ultra-clear finish to the shower enclosure. This glass is Opti white with low iron and is especially useful when the shower and accessories behind are more decorative. This premium clear glass ensures that any features inside are seen clearly as there is no tint in the glass. 


Finally, an anti-limescale treatment is applied to the glass for a lovely finish. This treatment creates an invisible layer on the glass to keep the surface sparkling without any stains. It prevents a build-up of limescale on the glass and drastically reduces any marks from hard water and chemical deposits.  Keeping the glass looking newer for longer. This treatment also ensures cleaning the glass is easier due to a reduction of dirt build up. 

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