Top 5 Shower Designs

Your bathroom is your relaxing space. You want it to be a beautiful area in your home to love and enjoy. No matter the size of your bathroom you can have your dream escape place in your own home. Your bathroom can be designed to fit your ideas whether you hire an interior designer, or you design it yourself. Have you ever considered the best shower enclosures or bath screens for your home? Let Showerpower help you decide with our top 5 shower designs! 

1. Walk in Shower with Single Screen:

This type of walk-in shower is very popular with our customers. They keep your bathroom feeling open and large, making the smallest of spaces feel spacious. 

This type of shower screen can be used as a divider. This can separate the shower from the rest of your bathroom to use as a ‘wet’ area. There is no need for a door, allowing the water to flow and the rest of your bathroom staying dry.  By using our anti limescale treatment for the shower screen, it makes it easy to clean and maintain over time. A classic look in any bathroom. 

2. Corner Shower Enclosure: 

A corner shower enclosure can be placed in any area of your bathroom. The glazed enclosure can be designed to fit around the shower tray or wet room space you choose. There are many different sized trays available whether you’re looking for a large double shower or a small shower to fit in an awkward space.

Each shower enclosure is designed to your specifications and so you can choose the way your bathroom looks, from the colour and style of the hinges to the type of door and handle you have. 

The door of your shower enclosure can open from any side and even open inwards or outwards – your choice!

Remember Showerpower will make these to measure, so we will design the glass around any shower benches, nib walls or any other intricate detailing. 

3. Shower Door Between Two Walls:

This type of shower space is fantastic for a loft conversion. The shower space can stretch across the length of the room allowing for a beautiful spacious shower area. In this type of design, the door can be central to ensure symmetry within the room. This also provides great aesthetics and a beautiful space to relax in. 

Each enclosure is designed for your personal space and therefore can be spaced especially to your expectations, whether in an angled sloping loft space or a small alcove at the end of your bathroom. 

4. Two Panelled Bath Screen:

Our customers are in love with our frameless bath screens. These bath screens are minimalistic and offer great flexibility when trying to fit baths with a shower in a small bathroom. These bath screens are a great choice for small spaces such as the refit of a small bathroom or a new bathroom in a converted loft space.

5. Alcove Door Shower Enclosure:

Many bathrooms are situated in one of the smallest rooms in the home and therefore there is little space for having a separate bath and shower. Bathrooms can be redesigned and if there is a small alcove an alcove door enclosure can be the perfect option. This makes the entrance to your shower seamless & almost invisible, 

Showerpower can design this to fit any sized space between two walls, making the most of the space available in your bathroom. 

These five options aren’t the only choices you have, whatever ideas you have for your bathroom, you can speak to us, and we’ll advise you on how to make your ideas reality.

With your personal touch and our experience, together we can create your perfect enclosure. 

Don’t forget, we don’t just offer a measure & install service, we can also offer these enclosures as a supply only package, delivered directly to your door. Contact us here for more information.