How to choose the right frameless glass shower door

A bespoke frameless glass shower door is one of the most important elements of modern shower design. It will create a beautiful entrance to your shower, be easy to clean and will protect the rest of your bathroom from water.

Any shape or height of door

Whether you want to install a shower door under a low ceiling or a sloping roof or need an oversized door for a large walk-in shower, with Showerpower™ you can. Our bespoke frameless glass doors are made to measure so they fit precisely and function perfectly.

So which type of frameless glass shower door will work best for your enclosure? That will depend on the size and layout of your shower area. You will also need to consider accessibility and the overall look you want to achieve.

Select the glass

Showerpower glass doors are all manufactured to industry standard EN12150 from 8mm or 10mm safety toughened glass, depending on the requirements of your shower design. You can choose from a vast choice of tints and finishes including sandblasted and low-iron Opticlear option for that sought-after ‘invisible’ look.

  • Clear glass showcases beautiful tiling and makes the space feel lighter and more open.
  • Opticlear has exceptional clarity without the slight green hue you get with standard clear glass. This makes it ideal for pure white marble and white tiled bathrooms or if you want the true colours of your shower tiles to be seen from outside the shower.

Privacy glass might be preferred in some situations such as shower rooms shared by siblings, guest bathrooms or high traffic bathrooms.

  • Sandblasted glass can be used to add privacy or simply a decorative style. We can imprint almost any pattern, design or gradient, including intricate shapes and gradients of translucency or opacity to allow soft light while controlling visibility.
  • Tinted glass comes in a variety of tones such as grey or bronze. The darker tones provide privacy, while the lighter tints can complement the colour palette of the bathroom.

Select the type of installation

  • Single doors: You can choose if you want to run the glass panel right up to the ceiling and install the door to open to the left or right.
  • Corner opening: a neo-angle shower door can be ideal. The door is flanked by two adjacent glass panels running perpendicular to the two side walls. The door can be installed to swing left or right.
  • Inline door: for a wide opening, you could install a shower door with a fixed glass inline panel. Inline means that the shower door and glass panel are touching each other in a straight line at 180 Degrees.
  • A round door is a sleek, smooth option, ideal for a corner shower with a rounded base. The curved design gives you more elbow room for showering and is easy to clean.
  • Sliding doors: ideal when there isn’t enough space to open the door outwards into the room. They are easy to manoeuvre and make getting in and out of the shower effortless.
  • Folding doors: an ingenious space-saving solution for bathrooms with space restrictions as the panels can be neatly folded away when not needed.

Consider any windows, doors or other obstructions to decide whether your enclosure should open to the left or right.

Select the hinge

You can choose from a pivot or side-mounted hinge.

  • Pivot hinges are fixed at the top and bottom corners of your shower door and allow the door to swing 180 degrees in each direction. Being mounted at the far corners of the shower door creates an uninterrupted frameless view.
  • Side-mount hinges fix to the sides of your shower door like doors in your house. This makes them more noticeable.

Select the finish

The perfect finishing touch is to personalise your frameless glass shower door by selecting the style and finish for your handles and hinges.

Crafted for strength and longevity, our hinges come in a choice of squared-off and rounded designs and finishes such as polished chrome or brushed nickel.

Ready to step through the beautiful frameless glass door of your dream shower?

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