How to save water…

With the cost of living becoming more and more expensive Showerpower is here to help you save and recycle your household water so you can keep at least one bill down. 

  1. Recycle dishwater

Recycling dishwater in your garden can be easy. While washing up, collect your dishwater in your washing up bowl, after you have finished you can decant the waste water into a watering can and use it to water plants or flowers. Don’t worry about the remaining washing up liquid as this will cause no damage to your lawn, plants or flowers and the food debris will act as fertiliser. 

  1. Sweep your drive instead of hosing it down 

When it comes to keeping your driveway clean, instead of reaching for the hose use a broom instead. Or wait until you wash your car, and then with the leftover water or water already on the drive, you can sweep it over, using the water for 2 reasons instead of 1. 

  1. Save waste water from your water bottle

If you drink regularly from a water bottle, but don’t always make it to the bottom when it comes to emptying the bottle down the sink, use it to water your houseplants or your garden. Or if you boil this water it is safe to drink, so make your next cup of tea from your water bottle instead of reaching for your tap. 

  1. Collect rain water 

Collecting rain water is a great way to save money on those water bills. The water can be used for all sorts of household needs, including watering your garden and cleaning. You can collect rainwater with a water butt, through gutter devices or even just a plain old bucket. 

  1. Use pasta or rice water again 

After cooking pasta, normally we reach for the sink and waste the water. But this water can be re-used to create delicious sauces for your pasta, it’s worth searching the internet for recipes which can see you reusing the water. Rice water is also currently very popular to reuse and wash hair with, improving shine and strength. Simply collect the water and allow it to ferment for 12-24hr at room temp and then this can be used to wash your hair.

  1. Use your bath water 

After having a bath the water can be repurposed for lots of different things. Not only can you allow another household member to share the water, but you could also use the water to clean rugs by adding a mild detergent. Luke warm water is best, so it’s perfect after your relaxing bath and your rug will be sparkling clean!   

  1. Shower where you can 

This obvious trick can help you save water, instead of running a bath which can use over 80 litres of water you are better off having a shower. There are also showerheads that can help you use the water more efficiently, as well as replacing old leaking showerheads that will be costing you. 

We hope that some of these tips can help you save water, not only for your bills but also for the planet.