Measuring for
frameless shower screens:
Showerpower’s step by step guide

The following instructions apply to all types of shower enclosures.

1.  Make sure other work in the target area is already completed. When you are taking measurements for custom glass, it is important that the target area is finished and tiled, grouted and wall junctions are silicone sealed. Your shower screen is one of the final pieces of equipment to be installed. Once measurements are taken, there should be no changes to the area where the glass will be fitted, otherwise your new glass might not fit.

2.  Ensure the glass will be fitted to a waterproof surface. This means it should be on top of the tiles – not to the wall/floor next to the tiles. If you fit the shower to the wall/floor for instance and then tile, you have a greater risk of allowing water to find a route past the waterproof surface and cause damage to your wall or floor.

3.  Ensure a stable surface. Make sure your shower base is fixed and not moving when you step on it and that your walls are solid enough to support the weight of heavy glass panels or doors. It will only cause problems later if it isn’t completely stable!

4.  Make sure you have the right measuring equipment. When you are ready to measure, here’s what you will need:

  • A plan of your bathroom showing fittings and door openings
  • A sketch of the proposed shower
  • Masking tape (used for denoting position of glass on wall or tray)
  • Long and short spirit levels
  • Tape measure
  • Note pad Pen or pencil


5.  Make ‘tight’ measurements. Showerpower will make deductions for sealing profiles, setting blocks, head gaps etc. We just need the overall size of the space where you want the shower screen to go and we will take care of the rest.

6.  Ensure your panel(s) will fit through your door and up the stairs to your shower room, spa or wetroom – a vital but frequently overlooked detail!

You will need to be very accurate with your measurements and this means taking time over them. We process our glass to a tolerance of +/- 1-2mm and no adjustment is possible with frameless glass. Once you have selected the style and shape of enclosure either from Showerpower’s example projects or from your own ideas, make a sketch, take the required measurements and note them on your diagram.

Once your diagram is finished, please send it to us (see our Contact page for email and office address). A member of our technical team will review your design to make sure it will operate as it should and that it will be safe. We then produce a drawing for you to sign off and your screen will be put into production. If in any doubt or if you require any further assistance, please call our offices on 01403 829020 where one of our experts will be very happy to help you.

Important: see our <measurements advice page> for screens in non-standard situations, including doors or screens in alcoves, doors with return panels, doors or enclosures under sloping ceilings and doors in irregular (out of true) spaces.

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