Showerpower frameless bath screens: 10 steps to a perfect finish

By selecting Shower Power to design, manufacture and fit your frameless bath screen you will not only guarantee the highest quality result but add a feature to your home which epitomises contemporary bathroom design.

Unlike the majority of frameless bath and shower screen companies, which have their glass cut overseas, our bespoke glass bath screens are produced in our own, local workshops and always fitted by our own, highly experienced craftsmen. This gives you a number of advantages. We can achieve complex shapes for example, useful when dealing with baths in slightly unusual spaces, or where walls or ceilings are uneven in period properties. And we can create perfectly-fitting screens for unusual-shaped baths – for example custom-made or bespoke baths which are increasingly popular in new, interior-designed properties.

We can create tailor made bath screens with cut-off corners to fit under sloping ceilings or in restricted spaces as well as produce bath screens with multiple, frameless panels where a folding screen is required.

All our bespoke bath screens are made from frameless 10mm glass and the Shower Power 10-step fitting plan means you get the very best result from this top quality material.

1. Before we start work on your bath screen we plan in advance for any work that needs to be done to prepare your walls. Frameless 10mm glass is heavy – 25kgs sqm and any fixtures need to go onto solid supporting walls. This means, for example, that plasterboard walls need special reinforcement to ensure a firm, stable surface.

2. Bespoke glass offers little or no adjustment for ‘out of true’ walls or bath tops so we take extra care when measuring because mistakes made at this stage may result in costly glass screen being unusable. To be absolutely sure of accuracy we take our measurements from finished surfaces after any tiling and grouting has been completed.

3. If we are dealing with an unusual shaped bath screen (where wall or ceilings are out of true or the bath itself is an unusual or bespoke shape) we template the glass shape to ensure complete accuracy.

4. Before commencing the fitting process we ensure the room is clear of materials and other workers’ tools or materials and is clean.

5. Because it is easy to chip or smash frameless glass, we treat it with extreme care, keeping it in its packaging until the last possible moment.

6. Then for the installation of your bathscreen glass we use setting blocks on the shower floor for safe positioning and to protect the floor surface. We then fit the wall brackets, using special glass suckers to help with positioning and screw the brackets to the wall, making any final adjustment of level at this stage. It is only then, when we are totally happy that the fit is 100% accurate, that we tighten all the wall fixings and glass clamps and the shower or bath screen can be seen in place.

7. For bespoke shower or bath enclosures, walk in showers or spas requiring bracing or support bars, we fit these at this stage, again checking accuracy of fit and making any adjustments necessary. Then for the very last stage of the process, we use a craft knife to carefully remove any of setting blocks that may be visible and seal the panel to the walls and tray using a suitable sanitary sealant.

8. Once your bespoke bathscreen is positioned accurately into final position we apply silicone sealant carefully and neatly to offer best waterproof seal and appearance.

9. We do not move bath screen panels that have been sealed until this silicone has completely cured (at least 24 hrs) otherwise the waterproof seal will have been broken allowing dirt and moisture into the breach.

10. Finally, any clip-on water sealing strips are then fitted correctly, often cut and trimmed to suit the individual glass panels.

Once the job is finished and our client is completely satisfied with the look and fit of their new, frameless bath screen, we leave recommendations for maintaining its totally professional and elegant look. This includes removing any drops of water after each usage, keeping the removeable, clear water sealing strips clean and washing the screen from time to time with mild detergent and water and polishing it dry with a soft cloth.

Why not take a look here to see some of our inspiring bespoke bath screens designs. And for more information or to discuss a bath screen design, please email or call us 01403 829020. We look forward to hearing from you.