Oversized shower screens and supersized shower screens

Oversized shower screens and supersized shower screens are growing in popularity and are seen as adding value to a property. In addition, many newbuilds and redevelopments now include walk-in showers, spas and wetrooms in unusual spaces such as basement gyms and these frequently require unusually large glass shower enclosures. With our experience in designing, manufacturing and fitting supersized and made to measure shower screens, Showerpower is the obvious choice for this type of project.

In each case we start a supersized shower enclosure project by carefully considering the site conditions. When unusually large glass panels are needed, access for the glass, other materials and our work team needs to be measured in relation to the available door openings and access points at the property. The oversized glass may also need to be manoeuvred via stair well and landings and this needs to be considered in advance. (On one occasion we were asked to take a piece of glass 3m tall and 1.5m wide to a first floor bathroom via a ladder – our answer was no!)

Supersized glass is heavy and, in many cases, the only way to carry it is by using a large team of people. Our priority is always to ensure the safe movement of the glass and of everyone at the property.

Another important factor – and one in which we have a great deal of experience – is the securing of the glass in the shower area. Typically glass for an oversized or supersized shower enclosure will need additional support at the top, the base and on the wall. It is also vital to have sufficiently strong walls to accommodate any hinges, brackets, clamps or bracing bars take the considerable weight of the glass and to ensure the supersized shower screen is fit for purpose.

You can read more about our specialist supersized shower screen design and fitting service in this case study about a supersized floor to ceiling shower screen Showerpower designed and installed at Robinswood, a new development in Wentworth, Surrey.

Product Description

• Fully frameless glass (usually 10mm thickness) in a choice of colours and finishes.

• An option of having anti limescale treated glass for easy cleaning

• Metal work – hinges, brackets available in a choice of styles

• More information about glass and fittings options here

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