Why a bespoke, frameless bath screen is an asset to any contemporary home


There are plenty of reasons why bespoke, frameless bath screens or custom made shower screens are a must when it comes to modern bathroom design.

Firstly, a frameless design is not only possible, but desirable if you have an unusual shaped bath or a bathroom in an unusual space (often the case with designer or heritage properties). This is because the glass can be cut to fit the space with 100% accuracy in a way that’s not possible with a metal frame. You can achieve a complex shape, cut off corners to fit it under a sloping ceiling or have multiple panels for folding, frameless bath screens.

Frameless made to measure bath screens or custom made shower screens can also achieve the seemingly impossible. For example at Showerpower we often build bathscreens incorporating a window guard, when there’s a window at the end of the bath with no solid wall on which to fix the screen.

However, weighing in at 25 kilos per square meter, 10mm thick frameless glass is heavy. It not only requires ‘solid ground’ in support in walls but additional ‘studwork’ may be required with plasterboard walls to achieve successful installation. There’s no flexibility when the fitting takes place, so extra care must be taken when the initial measuring is done.

This is where Shower Power’s experience and meticulous quality control comes into its own. We only measure once all the waterproofing, grouting and tiles are in place, so each finished surface is as it will be when your screen is fitted. Our expert team then measures the surface area required with total accuracy. Where the shape is unusual, we template to ensure a perfect fit.

From then until the job is completed we apply the Shower Power step by step fitting procedure to guarantee an absolutely perfect finish. This not only means ensuring the glass is protected until the moment it is put in place, but that only specially selected waterproof sealants are used.

We also ensure that panels which have been sealed are not moved until silicone seal has completely ‘cured’ (at least 24 hours). This way the seal will not let in dirt or moisture.

Once your Shower Power bespoke bath screen is in place, our Care and Maintenance guidelines mean it will go on looking as good as the day it was installed.

We suggest you remove water after each use to prevent water staining and dirt build-up on glass and metal components. (Ask us about anti-limescale glass coatings for bath screens to help keep your glass looking newer for longer). We supply clip-on water sealing strips that can be removed for cleaning – another way to keep your bespoke bath screen looking good.

Finally, make sure you clean your bath screen regularly with warm water and mild detergent and dry the glass and components afterwards, buffing them with a soft cloth – never use abrasive cleaners.

Now that frameless glass bath and shower enclosures, walk-in shower screens and spa enclosures are becoming design must-haves, it is more important than ever to ensure you have the quality and fit offered by Shower Power. As one of the top UK suppliers of made to measure bath screens with our own, local workshop we not only achieve a perfect fit whatever your space (including the kind of irregular or out of square spaces which are so often a feature of older properties) but follow that through with a fitting and finishing service that is simply the best available.

By choosing Shower Power for your bath or showerscreen, you can be sure it will be elegant, perfectly fitted and a visual focal point that will add cachet to your home in years to come.

For inspiring images of the different styles bath screens we can design, supply and fit see here. And to discuss your requirements and for more information please email us at info@showerpower.co.uk or call 01403 829020. Why not call us now and take the first step to a perfectly finished, perfectly beautiful bath screen for your home?