Frameless over-bath shower screens

Bespoke bathscreen special layout

With the average size of family homes shrinking and ensuite and multiple bathrooms becoming increasingly common in newbuilds, bath screens are growing in popularity in the UK.

Currently, approximately 65% of showers are taken over a bath and that percentage looks set to grow as many families are building smaller second and third bathrooms where there was just one large room including a bath and shower.

The same trend has seen over-bath shower facilities becoming almost standard with new baths because they help get round the pre-work rush to shower.

With the advent of combi boilers and high pressure shower plumbing, over-bath showering can now be a truly luxurious experience and this has created a new demand for more stylish and technically adapted shower bath screens.

On both counts, Showerpower has been leading the way. Our truly frameless glass bath screens with up to the minute fittings have a simplicity and sophisticated elegance that’s prized by homeowners and developers. And because we usually use toughened, 10mm glass with the extra option of an anti-limescale treated surface, you can be sure your bathscreen with go on looking great for years to come.

Each Showerpower bathscreen is completely bespoke. So not only do you get to choose the look, finish and fittings you want, but your screen will be measured, made and installed by our own experts. This made to measure service also means no space is too awkward, irregular or difficult, making Showerpower bath screens the ideal choice where the over-bath screen needs to be fixed to an irregular wall, as is often the case with designer or older properties. We can even create a bathscreen where there is no wall to fix it – for example where there’s a window at the end of the bath.

For more information about single panel, two-panel or special layout bath screens and for inspirational photos of some of our recent bathscreen design and installation projects take a look here. Then, if you would like to discuss your requirements with us or find out more, please contact us or call us on 01403 829020.