Why choose Showerpower™ for your loft shower enclosure

Bathroom loft conversions are becoming an increasingly popular way to add extra space convenience and value to a property. However, planning a loft conversion shower can be challenging because of the sloping ceiling and restricted height. Standard off-the-shelf shower enclosures won’t fit slanted angles and the unusual shapes you get in an attic area.

This is why you need a bespoke frameless glass solution from a specialist company like Showerpower.

Custom-made glass shower enclosures for loft conversions

A beautifully designed glass shower enclosure designed and constructed to fit your unique requirements is a brilliant way to convert unused attic space into a desirable asset.

So, don’t be put off by a slanted roof or irregular corners. Showerpower™ are the UK’s leading experts at designing and fitting bespoke glass shower doors and screens for loft conversions with sloping ceilings and pitched roofs.

We specialise in custom-making glass shower enclosures and doors to fit any space, whether the shower required is tall, narrow, triangular or curved. With a bespoke frameless glass enclosure, any shape of shower is possible.

Bespoke angled glass panels and doors

At Showerpower, we can cut glass to suit any size or shape of shower imaginable. Sloped ceilings, out-of-true walls, attic conversions and oversize spaces can all be accommodated with perfect precision. All our frameless glass enclosures and doors are totally bespoke and use superior 10mm or 12mm glass for unbeatable strength, durability and stunning finish.

“We custom make our frameless glass enclosures, doors and screens, which means you can have a beautiful shower room installed in any loft or attic, however irregular, confined or awkward the space” says Showerpower co-founder Jamie Gamble. “Our trained technicians create bespoke shower enclosures that will follow the line of any sloped ceiling perfectly.”

Find out more about Showerpower’s noted made-to-measure frameless shower enclosures and screens here.

Commission a bespoke frameless shower enclosure for your loft conversion

Showerpower specialises in custom-made frameless shower enclosures for loft conversions in Surrey, Sussex, London and across the south east of England. We are experts at maximising space, working with irregular layouts and limited headroom to create stunning loft-based made to measure showers and bathrooms. For more information, please contact us online or call 01403 829020.