Why choose a bespoke shower screen or enclosure?

A bespoke frameless glass shower screen, enclosure or bath screen is individually created to meet your exact needs.

If standard, off-the-shelf shower cubicles are not suitable in size, design or other characteristics, a custom-made shower enclosure from Showerpower™ could be the perfect solution. We measure and cut the glass to the shape of your walls and floor so it fits the space perfectly. Because of this precision, it wouldn’t fit another bathroom or shower room, which is what we mean by ‘bespoke’.

The beauty of bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Showerpower™ custom-made shower screen or enclosure:

Unusual layouts

Bespoke shower enclosures, doors, side panels and bath screens are desirable if you have an irregular shaped bath or room. This is because the glass can be cut to fit the space with 100% accuracy, however complex the shape, in a way that is simply not possible with a metal frame.

Sloping roofs and low ceilings

If the area where you’d like the shower cubicle or enclosure to be sited has a low or sloping roof with different angles, there won’t be a ready-made option to fit these different situations. With a bespoke frameless glass enclosure you can easily install a shower, bath or spa in an attic extension, loft conversion or in the space under stairs. For more information on bespoke shower screens for sloping ceilings click here > or specifically for loft conversions click here.

Non-standard sizes

A made to measure shower can be manufactured to any size or shape. From an over-sized walk-in shower to a petite en-suite, bespoke frameless glass shower screens are made-to-measure to fit and enhance any space, however large or small. Read more about our specialist supersized shower screen design and fitting service here or see this case study about a supersized floor to ceiling shower screen.

Maximising space

Bespoke frameless shower screens make the most efficient use of bathroom space and allow you to install a shower where a standard off-the-shelf model wouldn’t fit. Clear glass walls and clever configurations can also achieve an increased level of spaciousness and ergonomic ease in a tight, restricted layout.

Awkward angles and difficult spaces

Our bespoke shower screens and doors are custom-made, so you aren’t limited to the standard sizes of mass-produced ones. Of course, with odd-shaped corners, unusual alcoves and tricky roof angles, precision measuring and installation by our trained technicians is essential. Learn more about Showerpower’s meticulous made-to-measure frameless shower screens here.

Period and listed buildings

Bespoke frameless glass made to measure bath and shower screens are ideal for older properties, which often have uneven or irregular walls. At Showerpower™ we understand the specialist technical and aesthetic requirements for heritage buildings and the need for an extremely high standard of design and finish. Showerpower™ can craft a shower surround to fit the character of your home perfectly.

Designer bathrooms

Using frameless glass is becoming a design must for today’s upmarket bathrooms and shower rooms finished to an exceptionally high quality.  An ordinary shower cubicle wouldn’t look right in a luxury interior. Frameless glass shower screens create a stunning impression without being obtrusive. Whether you want the style of your bathroom, shower or wet room to be dramatic, traditional or ultra-minimalist, the barely-there look of a bespoke frameless glass enclosure will blend seamlessly with any interior design.

Unique creations

With bespoke glass screens, panels and doors you are not limited to certain shapes or designs. You have the freedom to create a shower enclosure commissioned to your own specifications for a completely unique result. Whether you are planning a luxury spa or compact en-suite shower room, Showerpower™ can ensure you achieve the stunning, frameless look that adds a definite wow factor and value to your property. Take a look this impressive example.

Any kind of bath screen

If you have an angle to accommodate or would like your screen to fold out of your way when not in use, we can design a fully bespoke bath screen to fit your requirements perfectly. Options include multiple hinged panels, fixed panels at the end of the bath with hinged screens along the length of the bath, cut-off corners and a huge range of other bespoke solutions.

Contact us now for bespoke shower advice

We would be delighted to advise you on designing and installing a custom-made, frameless glass shower, bath, wet room or spa enclosure. You can read more about our bespoke service here. Or why not get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements? Please contact us or call now on 01403 829020.