Why Bespoke Frameless Walk-in Shower Enclosures are so popular

In recent years the trend has been to remove the traditional bath and install a walk-in shower instead. (A walk-in shower is generally defined as a shower area with no door and either one or more glass panels to help retain water. The glass panels can be used with a shower tray or be installed to a wet room floor.) As a natural development of that trend, more and more clients are asking for bespoke, frameless shower enclosures, individually made to fit the space.

As the best-known supplier and installer of bespoke frameless shower enclosures in Sussex/Surrey and throughout the UK, we can see many advantages to these new style screens.

Bespoke frameless walk-in shower enclosures give the bathroom a modern, stylish look and can be made to almost any size. The growing trend these days is to make them floor to ceiling height so that you essentially have a glass wall partitioning the shower area from the other bathroom fitments. This is especially effective when used on a wet room floor.

They have a pleasing, minimal look. Simple clamps can be used to fit them to the wall, floor or ceiling or a minimal channel, either recessed into the wall or surface mounted to hold the glass in place. When a shorter walk-in screen is desired, support bars are used to stabilize the glass.

Often a made to measure frameless walk-in shower enclosure is made to such a size that not one, but two shower heads are used, so clients can shower together with their partner, or their children. Some people build seats or benches in their walk-in shower, ideal for those who like to spend time relaxing under the spray or are less mobile and need to shower sitting down.

Made to measure frameless walk-in shower enclosures are also easy to clean – you can read more about this here.

In other words, bespoke frameless walk-in shower enclosures are so versatile they can be made to fit almost any shower layout, are easy to maintain and can add a stylish designer look to your bathroom.

At Showerpower we survey, manufacture and install made to measure frameless walk-in shower enclosures throughout Sussex/Surrey, London and the Home Counties, using our own, highly trained team and manufacturing the screens at our own local workshops. We can promise you a finished screen of exceptional quality and workmanship, backed by the Showerpower guarantee.