Our custom-made, frameless shower & bath enclosures mean faster delivery times

Our custom-made, frameless shower & bath enclosures mean faster delivery times

While most custom made shower enclosures take up to 12 weeks to arrive, ours are usually available in just 2. Why? The reason is that Shower Power™ made to measure bath and shower enclosures are made in Sussex, while the majority of those advertised are actually manufactured in China. Apart from the obvious benefit that you don’t have to wait long to see your beautiful new, bespoke screen in place, our commitment to local manufacturing has a number of other important advantages.

First and foremost, we have a strong relationship with the skilled experts who build our shower and bath screens. They work to Shower Power’s meticulous standards and we know we can trust them to get it right and to deliver screens of unsurpassed quality. When designing and making custom made, frameless shower and bath screens – especially those which need to fit irregular or unconventional spaces – accuracy of measurement and manufacture is absolutely vital. With our workshop at the same site and only a short distance from our offices, face to face communication is simple and any questions or options can be discussed and decided without delay.

If you are a trade client, you are often asked to complete a project against tight deadlines and here our dramatically shorter lead time can help you not only tender for such projects with confidence, but win plaudits from satisfied clients once the ‘impossible’ deadline is met – for an example of this see our case history concerning our design and delivery of bespoke shower screens for a 1200 square foot new build, to a schedule most interior designers or architects would be unable to contemplate. And, of course, whether you are a home owner, builder, developer, architect or designer, it’s always good to know that your choice of custom-made shower screen not only has the smallest possible carbon footprint, but supports UK manufacturing (see our previous blog in which we welcomed Jordan, our new trainee installer).

Are custom made frameless shower shower enclosures becoming a niche business?

As well as the manufacture of most made to measure shower enclosures switching to China, there is evidence that fewer and fewer UK companies are actually offering a custom made service. One reason for this is that creating bespoke frameless shower and bath screens is a painstaking and highly specialist business and there simply aren’t many craftsmen and women with the expertise and experience out there. At Shower Power we have a strong commitment to our skilled workforce, a commitment demonstrated not only through our trainee programme, but in every aspect of our custom-made shower screen design and manufacture process. You can find out more about this here. But we’d love to tell you more. Why not contact us, or call us now on 01403 829020 to discuss your project?