Frameless shower enclosures and wet rooms are the new ‘design staple.’

Frameless shower enclosures and wet rooms are the new ‘design staple.’

At Showerpower the demand for custom made frameless shower enclosures and wet rooms continues to grow month on month as more and more clients want a walk-in shower or spa for their home. It’s a look that’s fuelled by programmes like Grand Designs.

This trend is endorsed by Kitchens and Bathrooms News, the leading magazine for kitchen and bathroom professionals where a recent article explains ‘One trend has remained a staple, and that’s the clean, coveted lines of the wet room. Arguably, it has been the greatest influence on bathroom design – and in particular the showering space’.

However, as clients are waking up to the impact and investment benefits of a walk-in shower, wet-room or spa, they are becoming more demanding and designers and builders are responding. Many are opting for frameless shower enclosures and wet rooms where they are wanted, rather than where they are normally situated and this is where Showerpower custom made frameless enclosures come into their own. With a highly skilled and experienced design and manufacturing team, all locally based, we are able to create walk-in showers or spas in unusual, irregular and non-standard spaces, even where sloping roofs and floors in older buildings present special challenges. You can see an example of a Showerpower project like this here.

With made to measure and bespoke frameless enclosures becoming the shower and bathscreens of choice for upmarket homeowners, thicker, more stable 10mm (as opposed to 8mm) glass is gradually becoming the industry standard – a trend already anticipated by Showerpower. We have been offering 10mm glass for several years, along with low iron (opticlear), tinted or sandblasted glass with or without anti limescale coating.

Another key trend is for the wet room or spa to reflect the design concept of the building. Again, Showerpower bespoke frameless shower and bath enclosures answer this need. Working closely with the interior designers or builder we can create a unique enclosure where every element from the glass, interior and flooring, to the accessories, is selected and customised for the desired look, including glass splashbacks, made to measure mirrors and wall cladding in virtually any colour or shade.

The magazine points to the fact that clients today regard a frameless shower enclosure, walk-in wet room or spa as a significant investment in their home and are prepared to go that extra mile to ensure they get a quality product. Here, Showerpower’s combination of skill and design flair plus a local, made to measure facility (now virtually unique in the frameless shower and bath screen market) sets us apart from the competition and explains why we are the partner of choice for many of the UK’s top designers and developers.

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